How to combine vaping with alcohol

and not lose your cool

How to combine vaping with alcohol

and not lose your cool
One can discuss the harmful effects of alcohol at great length. But that's a different story. Here, we will try to figure out what a regular vaper will experience after a couple of their favorite drinks.

To understand the effects of combining vapor with alcohol, let's recall what e-liquids consist of. The base is glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine, optionally. And flavors, of course. Let's walk through each one of them in more detail.


Besides vaping, propylene glycol can be consumed through energy drinks, ice cream, soda and even whiskey, where it can be found as E1520 food supplement. Upon nicotine consumption, propylene glycol does not have any additional side effects.

Glycerin is an alcohol itself. It doesn't interact with previously consumed alcohol in any way and is well processed by the body. Sometimes glycerin is used by home brewers in order to increase the taste and flavor of the fruits of their labor. In the food industry, glycerin is known as E422 supplement.

The bad thing about glycerin is that it has a dehydrating effect. Vapers are familiar with dry mouth and constant thirst when vaping actively. Alcohol, when processed by the body, also redistributes and draws a lot of water from it.

Solution: when celebrating, drink more non-carbonated mineral or regular water, this will save you from some unpleasant symptoms and help smooth out the hangover.


Nicotine and alcohol affect the activity of the reward hormone — dopamine. As such, both vaping and alcohol will be more satisfying. However, both substances cause cross - tolerance, meaning that you will want to vape and drink more and more.

Light euphoria makes it easy to miss the first symptoms of an overdose, and the last couple of drags or drinks can be superfluous. As a result, your evening can stray far from the original plan.

Solution: bring a liquid with half the amount of nicotine than what you're used to. This way, even with an increased craving for vapor you won't get more nicotine than your usual norm.


Some (especially fruity) flavors include a small amount of ethanol. It is used as a solvent for flavor components and helps extend their shelf life. In the food industry, ethanol appears as E1510 food supplement.

It is worth noting that menthol and other coolers don't mix well with strong alcohol. Dousing an irritated mucous membrane with burning alcohol is not the best idea.

One more thing…

To begin with, be polite and considerate to others. Not everyone will share your passion for cloud chasing, nor will they immediately start shooting videos of your perfect jellyfish. Don't vape in crowded places and rooms that don't have good ventilation. This matters at all times, not only when you drink.

Carry a repair kit on you in case you don't keep track of the liquid level and burn your wick. RDA fans should bring a small tank to the party. This way you won't need to refill as often, and your clouds won't bother other people as much.

To sum up

Don't be a disturbance. Bring a spare wick, drink a lot of water and use liquids with less nicotine. These simple tips will allow you to combine electronic cigarettes and alcohol with minimal issues.
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