Vaping in winter

seasonal game rules

Vaping in winter

seasonal game rules
Winter vaping is a problem. Batteries die, tanks leak, and liquids freeze. However, is it a problem, really? Yes — because there are things to consider. No — because those are not problems, but rather seasonal features. They are to be found everywhere. After all, in winter you wear a sweater and a jacket, not a T-shirt and shorts. And you put studded snow tires on your car when cold weather arrives. It is both possible and advisable to feel comfortable in sub-zero conditions. Let's figure out how.


First, our favorite glycerin. In winter it becomes difficult to manage. Liquids thicken in the cold, and as a result your glycerin-based vape liquid can turn into fragrant rubber. Tank - using folks are the first to suffer from this: the liquid can't get to the spiral in time, and vaping dry cotton is unpleasant. Plus the constant leaks (the liquid warms up when taken inside and happily begins leaking). And a glass tank can even break when subjected to rapid temperature changes. It's harder to burn your cotton on an RDA, but liquid still freezes, so you gotta do 2−3 warm-up puffs beforehand.

What can be done? Use bases with a lower glycerin content, replacing it with propylene glycol to a ratio of 50/50. Such a liquid thickens in the cold the same way a 70/30 liquid does at a normal temperature.

Mods, like most modern devices, use lithium batteries, which rapidly drain their charge in the cold. Besides, at low temperatures it’s better to switch to cigarette-type puffing and warm up the heating chamber beforehand. These "idle" puffs also drain the batteries more quickly.

What can be done? Carry spare batteries! Keep your devices in warmth, close to your heart, but away from keys and change. Or just carry a charger, that’s also fine.

Cold air

In the cold air, lips and tongues stick to metal surfaces. Do not go outside with a metal drip tip. If you’ve never licked a flagpole when you were a kid, just trust us: there’s nothing pleasant about it. You’ll have to use acrylic, ceramic or wooden drip tips.

Inhaling frosty air mixed with hot vapor isn’t healthy — you can get yourself a cold or even something worse. So if you have a free airflow RDA — exercise caution, wear scarves, and strengthen your immune system. How? Here’s how:

  • Food. Eat vegetables, fruits and berries. Eat meat, fish, legumes and fermented milk products. It’s tasty and healthy;
  • Sleep. Our body doesn’t like exhaustion. Don’t forget about this. You have to sleep for at least seven hours a day;
  • Sports, contrast showers and an active lifestyle will definitely raise your immunity’s mood;
  • Immunologists deal with medicine and nutraceuticals. General physicians and the internet will help you with vitamins and herbal tea blends.
In conclusion

There’s nothing scary about winter vaping. You just need to remember about the liquid composition, keep your mods warm and not lick metal parts in the cold. And if you add skiing walks through the forest, New Year’s holidays and winter fishing to the mix, the chilly months will turn positive for good.
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