Vaping in New Zealand, Stoptoberfest in the UK, and the California senator who bans bans


Vaping in New Zealand, Stoptoberfest in the UK, and the California senator who bans bans
Something is always happening somewhere. The vaping world is no exception. Today we will talk about the good things that happened around the world in recent weeks. For example, about vaping in New Zealand, English Stoptoberfest — and about the Governor of California who banned a ban.

Let's start with Stoptoberfest

You may have heard of Oktoberfest — an annual event where about 6 million people from all over the world gather to drink a lot of beer at a square near Hauptbahnhof, Munich's central train station, over the span of 16 days. It's fun and amusing, but not great for your health. Unlike Stoptoberfest.

In 2012 the United Kingdom's Department of Health started a new campaign that encourages all smokers to quit tobacco — Stoptoberfest. Relying on research, the guys claim that if you don't smoke for 28 days (the duration of the campaign), then quitting won't be a problem. And if you do it in a big crowd, then it can become even easier and more enjoyable.

Why are we talking about this? Because this year the organizers of Stoptoberfest were so inspired by the recent studies that they began promoting vaping among smokers. Besides, for the first time the campaign is being massively covered by the mass media, even on TV, which, you gotta admit, is very nice. After all, this is one of the few cases when government organizations show their support for vaping.

By the way, near the end of the campaign Britain's largest online store Vape Club has seen a 37% increase in sales.

So, friends, the UK health officials approve.

What New Zealand thinks of vaping

Here's another example of government loyalty. New Zealand is a great country, and not just because that's where real-life Shire is located (did you know that they filmed the Lord of The Rings there? No kidding!). They have a program called «Smokefree 2025» where the government tries to reduce the number of smokers from 550.000 to the lowest possible level. Recently they began incorporating vaping into the mix. Of course they don't throw cloudchasing tournaments, but rather inform the public of the fact that vaping is a pretty good way of quitting cigarettes.

  • Data from recent studies indicates that vaping poses a much lower risk than tobacco;
  • When approached reasonably and responsibly, vaping is not dangerous;

It is worth mentioning that they position vaping solely as a means for smoking cessation: "Electronic cigarettes are meant only for smokers", states the New Zealand government. But the fact that they don't make vaping out to be the root of all evil is already promising.

One more story — from California

California is wonderful. It's warm, there's the sea, the palms and Governor Jerry Brown. What does Jerry Brown have to do with anything? Let us tell you.

Last year, the local legislators raised the legal age at which you are allowed to buy things related to smoking and vaping to 21 years. This spring, prices on these products have doubled or even tripled. And in recent months there have even been attempts to ban vaping in parks and on beaches. But then Governor Jerry Brown intervened. "If people can't even smoke on deserted beaches, then where can they smoke at all?" said Jerry Brown, vetoing both bills. Because he can.

To sum up, we can say this. Thanks to vaping research — and politicians who sometimes think of their people — great things happen in the world. legislators reassess their views on vaping. Real shifts in the information field happen. And there still exist places where you're allowed to vape and enjoy the sunset. This was good news, friends.
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