Squonk mods

how to get a bottomless RDA?

Squonk mods

how to get a bottomless RDA?
Every vaper eventually comes to the conclusion that ease of maintenance and flavor are important parameters that should come first when choosing a device. That's when RDAs come into play. But they have one significant disadvantage — they need to be refilled often.

RDTAs (dripping tanks) sacrifice their ergonomics and ease of maintenance to achieve extra volume. RTAs get bigger and bigger heating chambers every year, but are unable to match RDAs in terms of performance. Squonk mods are one solution to this problem.

How they work

The squonk's working principle is described by its second name — bottom feeder. A small liquid bottle made of soft plastic or silicone is located directly under the RDA. The bottle is connected to the heating chamber via a narrow tube. You press the bottle — juice gets into the chamber.

The regular refilling method often leaves the user shorthanded. You have to hold the mod, the drip tip, the liquid bottle and the bottle cap all at once. A squonk mod takes one finger motion to refill. Just one gentle press through the special opening — and you can continue vaping.

The characteristics

The supply tube can be either plastic or metal. The former is more flexible, which makes liquid changing and bottle refilling easier, but the latter is more reliable.

The bottles are made out of plastic. On the one hand, pressing it doesn't take a lot of effort, on the other — you won't be able to squeeze the bottle so hard as to empty it out into your RDA. The tightness of the neck also matters, because in the event of a leak, both the battery and the chip will get drowned.

If the supply hole is located at the bottom of the juice well, then the liquid will soak the cotton upon pressing. When the bottle pops back out, the excess liquid will get sucked back inside. So even if you overfill, there won't be any leaks.

Types of squonks

The typical squonk configuration is similar to a two-battery mod, where the bottom feeding system takes up the place of one of the batteries. It's hard to find such mods with a large amount of batteries.

Just like regular mods, squonks come both with and without microchips. The pros and cons are all the same: mech mods are more compact and fire at full throttle, but don't have protection or tweaks, and also need residue to be cleaned from them.

The rotten apples

Do you enjoy switching flavors often? Then think twice before getting yourself a squonk. You will either have to carry several replacement bottles, or finish all the liquid in the bottle each and every time.

With a large juice reserve it's easy to forget about refilling. This can cause a dry hit and a cotton change. And it's easier to redrip than to change out the liquid in your squonk.

In the event of a malfunction, you would need to immediately disassemble the system, remove the liquid and dry everything out. This can't be done on the move.

Another one of squonks' problems is how sensitive silicone bottles can be. Some containers are so soft that, with careless use, they will squanch all over your device when refilling, especially if you fill them to the brim. However, there's such a thing as a refill bottle. The idea is that the container stays in the mod, while the liquid is supplied through this refill. It is placed into the connector under the RDA (yes, you'll need to unscrew it) and acts as a sort of funnel.

The optimum

Squonks are best used with single coil RDAs designed for flavor. This kind of RDA is usually quite small (22mm in diameter) and refilling them in the regular way is an adventure in and of itself. Very little juice fits in these. This problem is non-existent in squonks. We can say that a squonk and a flavor-centered single coil RDA is the most optimal combo in terms of moderate cost-effective every day vaping.

The target audience

People who can't refill often. Who are they?

  • people with an active lifestyle;
  • truckers;
  • street mascots.

Bottom line

Squonk mods give us an opportunity to achieve maximum flavor and vapor with minimal inconveniences. These advantages have quickly given this device its audience. Large manufacturers have already showcased their models, and many modern RDAs now come with a bottom-feeding pin. Good old mechanical connoisseurs naturally find reasons to criticize squonks. But that's a story for another time.
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