Side effects of vaping

and how to avoid them

Side effects of vaping

and how to avoid them
Today we will talk about the side effects of vaping that few people remember. Don’t worry, this is not another one of those "vaping is more dangerous than cigarettes, you will all die" articles. We leave questionable and unproven statements to those who enjoy arguing. Here we will simply look at real problems and tell you how to deal with them.

Water deficit in the body

Let’s start with the effect that applies even to those who vape nicotine-free liquids. That effect is dehydration. The fact is that glycerin takes liquid out of your body — and does it quite successfully. Now, if you vape a couple of times a day after eating, remember to drink water, and lead a somewhat healthy lifestyle, you will be fine. But if you drink a lot of coffee and sometimes abuse alcohol at the same time, then you should pay attention to your body. Perhaps it hasn’t been getting enough water lately.

This manifests itself in different ways, but the main symptoms are familiar to everyone who has ever drank too much booze. Dry mouth, weakness, and dark, impressively dark urine are all sure signs that you need to restore your body’s water reserves. However, neither tea nor coffee will help you: caffeine also removes water from the body. Drink water. Regular or mineral, carbonated or not — whatever you prefer.

The main difference from a regular hangover is that the symptoms manifest themselves gradually and discreetly. It’s just background fatigue and light apathy — well, and also thirst, better go drink some more coffee. Plus, dehydration causes itchy eyes, which, combined with fatigue, create a particularly strong reluctance to work. Therefore, if you feel lazy and apathetic, your mood is lousy and you want to sleep — try drinking some water. It won’t hurt.

However, contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t drink too much water, either. The body gets most of its daily water intake from food: first of all from vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and fish. You don’t need to force water into yourself, there’s nothing healthy about that.

Problems associated with nicotine

There’s a whole lot of nicotine-related problems. No, we’re not talking about lung cancer and dead horses. There is a serious discussion on the topic of whether nicotine is a carcinogen, but officially it has not been recognized as carcinogenic.

However, it seriously affects the central nervous system’s function. About the same as caffeine does. Nicotine increases blood pressure, heart rate, can cause hyperactivity and anxiety.

There is an obvious conclusion to this: if you have blood pressure issues, nicotine will only exacerbate them. If you get a headache from a cup of coffee, then it will hurt even worse from nicotine. It will be especially hard if you don’t get enough sleep. As for anxiety, it’s all up to the individual, but in any case it’s better not to use nicotine as a sedative. And if you are experiencing heart problems, then switch to non-nicotine liquids immediately.
By the way, the Russian proverb "a drop of nicotine kills a horse" is not necessarily a flat out lie, but an obvious exaggeration. The drop would have to be the size of an orange.
Also, nicotine affects digestion, and it manifests differently from person to person. Some see their appetite reduce — others, on the contrary, feel even more hungry. The reason for this is hard to define. But in any case, it’s worth keeping this effect in mind and having your lunch on time. Vaping on an empty stomach can get you a digestive disorder. Or even a gastritis exacerbation.

As you can see, vaping in itself doesn’t do much harm to the body. Not more than coffee. But it increases the harm that is caused by other factors: namely, unhealthy nutrition and overwork. This is worth remembering — drink water, eat vegetables and get enough sleep every once in a while.
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