Nicotine salts

fast — not always bad

Nicotine salts

fast — not always bad
In June 2015, the American company PAX Labs showed the world its new eGo device JUUL. The device was not revolutionary by itself. What really deserves attention is the liquid with nicotine salts, for use of which the devices were actually developed.

As it happens, in the more than two years the invention of PAX Labs has not brought about a radical changes to the vaping market. Let’s see why. In the first place we’ll speak about "clean" 100mg nicotine.

How it works

The main characteristic of nicotine is the pH level, the hydrogen content in the molecule. The higher the pH, the better the permeability of nicotine through the body cells. Thus, the effect is stronger.

One of the main objectives of nicotine manufacturers is to make nicotine so volatile that it could easily evaporate when heated.

The problem of pure 100mg nicotine is that it is difficult to absorb at the first stages. You have to wait for a couple of minutes, in some cases even more, to get nicotine into the blood.

Because of this delay it becomes difficult to satisfy your nicotine hunger, sometimes it can even lead to an overdose. There and then, nicotine salts enter the picture: they are absorbed by the body 100 times faster that helps to avoid unwanted effects.

What are these salts?

Nicotine salt is the combination of nicotine molecules with other organic components. It is the very form the nicotine exists in nature. In order to find the quickest way of delivering nicotine to the body, PAX Lab has spent a lot of energy and money on laboratory research. It "holds" some of the ingredients and helps to evaporate more nicotine. Absorption takes 7−8 seconds. Nicotine saturation occurs after three to four pulls.


The main goal of nicotine salt is the rapid suppression of nicotine hunger. The word "rapid" is key one. Salts are mainly used in low-power eGo devices (JUUL, Solo). Needless to say you can forget about large number of dense and tasty vapor. But if you choose vaping as a way to quit smoking, nicotine salts may be a good choice.

In addition to the high rate of absorption, this type of nicotine is less aggressive and causes a minimal throat hit. PAX Lab patents state that this is due to a high pH level. That means you vape the liquid with a concentration of nicotine from 25 to 50 mg/ml without much discomfort.

The downside is that the nicotine salt is quickly removed from the body so you will have to replenish blood with it more often. But it is rather a subjective matter.


Nicotine salts can be an alternative to vaping, but only to a some extent. It is not suitable for those who like dense tasty vapor and liquids with a small amount of nicotine. Salt is rather a way to quit smoking and this is its key advantage.
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