How to maintain your mech mod

beginner guide

How to maintain your mech mod

beginner guide

Let’s speak in roundabout way. When in 2014 US NAVY had learned about vaping for the first time they were in such a delight that begun to allocate special vaping areas. For instance, George Washington aircraft carrier was provided with the entire deck for the aim of vaping. Everyone was heartily satisfied. Until several GIs had their devices exploded. In 2016 the Commission on Security came to a conclusion that vaping on the fleet needs to be forbidden.

Today we’re going to talk about safety precautions and how to properly maintain your mod so that it serves you faithfully. Perhaps, if such guidance had been conducted to US Navy men, things would have gone differently.

The article concerns mech mods. If your mod is equipped with electronic circuit, you have nothing to worry about because microprocessor is smarter than human being so it will prevent short circuits as well as overheating. All that is required is to ensure that the liquid does not get on the contacts or the circuit and periodically clean the connector with a cotton swab.


Mehmod is not equipped with protection at all, so if it overheats or becomes short-circuited — expect trouble. Overheating much is clear — just do not hold the button for more than five seconds and generally try not to heat it too much.


In order for a mod to fire properly it needs to be cleaned regularly. To do this you will need a standard mech mod user’s set:

  1. A cloth (felt is preferable) and a polishing paste;
  2. A screwdriver to unscrew the pins;
  3. Tweezers with ceramic tips for working with small parts;
  4. Soft and rough sandpaper (for instance, 400 and 2500) for pins and battery contacts;
  5. Toothbrush for cleaning threads;
  6. Citric acid solution to soak the mod in it. Caution: do not try to use citric acid for steel mods, because acid is not a companion to steel!


Meсhmod is cleaned as follows: firstly, dissolve teaspoonful of citric acid per liter of water. Then, dismantle the mod and put all the parts (except for steel ones, like springs etc.) into acid for 10 minutes. During this time, the mud softens and can be easily removed with a toothbrush. Thoroughly clean the threads, rinse the parts with water and wipe dry. If the pin is covered with carbon residue, clean it with rough sandpaper and then polish with soft one. Congratulations — cleaning is complete and your device can be assembled.


Battery contacts are also tend to accumulate carbon residue. Peel it off with the same sandpaper. While doing so, carefully observe the condition of the shrink wrapping! The entire metal case of your mod is a negative side. If the shrink wrapping is damaged and the battery casing touches the wall of the mech mod, then it is not a mech mod anymore, but a bloody hand grenade! New heat shrink wrapping can be bought in a nearby vape shop.

It should be noted that cleaning the battery negative is not relevant in devices with fixed contact, for example in RCM.

Take notice!

There may be a problem with the atomizer. We advice to treat RDA clones of unknown origin with particular care: sometimes they get short circuited. In any case, it’s worth testing your new RDA with the ohmmeter or on a regulated mod before screwing it onto your mech mod.


Polishing does not affect safety in any way, but no article about meсh mods will be complete without this section. For polishing, a screwdriver with a special holder for meсh mods is ideally suited (can be easily found in google on request 'mod cleaning tool'), but you can do without it. The easiest way is to apply a polishing paste to the mod, wrap it in a cloth and twist until it shines. If the threads remain dirty after cleaning with acid and brush, then you can put a little polish on them and twist them in a piece of cloth. After that, thoroughly wipe them with alcohol or soap solution. The paste forms an oxide film, which reduces current conductivity — your mod simply won’t fire properly.

In summary

If to maintain the device properly, nothing will happen to it nor to you. Each mech mod user must have a maintenance kit and minimum technical skills. Take due care of your device, use our guidance and there should not be any problems with the use.
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