The costs of becoming a vaper

we assess the budget and look for ways to save money

The costs of becoming a vaper

we assess the budget and look for ways to save money
You would very much like to quit smoking, but have a tight psychological bond with this process, and you heard that a vape costs a lot, and there's never enough time to sit down and pick an option with the best ratio of price to quality. Relax, take it easy! We gave it a thought and decided to do it all for you.

The first question is where to buy it all. There are two options: buying from your country's online and offline vape shops, or ordering from China, namely such websites as Fasttech, GearBest, HeavenGifts, AliExpress etc. Each option has its own pros and cons.

The first option the is the easiest and includes pleasant bonuses in the form of customer support and a warranty on your goods. However, local prices are usually higher than those you might find on Chinese sites, and you might fail when looking for a rare device. What you certainly should buy locally are batteries and liquids: the former will take too long to get to you by sea, and the variety of the latter is meager, not to mention the weird flavors.

When buying online from China you will find everything you need, and new stuff appears there faster. The main disadvantages of this method are potentially long delivery times (2−4 weeks, sometimes several months) and the risk of a paid parcel disappearing without a trace or getting damaged while in transit.

Quitting smoking

The sufficient minimum

Get a compact electronic cigarette in which the battery and atomizer are in the same housing. Their tight draw and automatic (or manual via a button) activation make the process as similar to smoking a cigarette as possible. Some pros: no need to buy batteries or chargers, fluid consumption is low, and you can charge it anywhere with a micro-USB cable.

These are the most compact devices that produce a moderate amount of vapor, so you won't be scaring passers-by with big clouds. Operating it doesn't take a lot of knowledge, the electronic insides will take care of everything. You'll just need to change the inexpensive atomizer heads and add liquid every once in a while. By the way, if you're used to strong cigarettes, then you will need liquid with a high nicotine content.

You shouldn't use expensive confectionery liquids with such devices — their flavors simply won't be able to open up to their fullest. Tobacco liquids are a perfect fit — their taste will pleasantly surprise you, especially compared to cigarettes.

Devices: Eleaf iCare 2, Eleaf iJust, My Von Erl, Joyetech eGo AIO (€ 11−28)
Eleaf ICare 2 device — €18
Eleaf ICare spare atomizer — €1.80
The maximum

If you want something more serious, with better taste and more portability, and are ready to delve deeper into the process, then a rebuildable tank or a dripping atomizer with cigarette-like draw and a compact box mod will do. Such a setup does not require a lot of power, so box mods that work from a single replaceable 18 650 battery are suitable. There are a lot of options for such devices, I recommend the Eleaf iStick Pico (‎€ 36) or Joyetech eVic Primo Mini (€ 50).

When it comes to good atomizers with cigarette-like draw, things are more complicated. Really cool new things are few and far between. This has to do with a fashion for big vapor clouds and the corresponding airy draw. However, there are still some great hallmark devices to be found. For example, the BY - ka V.7 tank (€ 100) or the Caiman V.4 RDA (€ 67). They are made exclusively for tight cigarette-like draw and allow for a complete reveal of your liquid's flavor down to every hint, bringing the sensation closer to a regular cigarette drag.

Joyetech eVic Primo Mini box mod — € 45
By-ka V.7 RTA — € 100
LG HG2 18 650 battery — € 9
Total: € 154
Joyetech eVic Primo Mini box mod — €45
By-ka V.7 RTA — €100
Thick clouds of delicious vapor

The sufficient minimum

For large clouds of vapor and maximum taste, an atomizer with a fairly airy draw, good airflow to the coil and the option to install your own coils is needed. You will also need a beefy box mod or a mechanical mod.

There are convenient ready-made kits that can be used immediately, simply by adding the liquid. Good examples are Innokin OCEANUS with Scion Tank (€ 93) or iStick Pico 25 with Ello (€ 42). The Innokin kit is really good: they include a battery in the box, and the Scion RTA supports replaceable atomizer heads and a rebuildable base, which is also included. You can use the device, as they say, from the box, later moving on to making coils yourself.

There's a more advanced option as well — assembling your own kit in parts. Box mods: Fuchai 213W Plus (€ 42), Eleaf iKonn 220W (€ 70) or Wismec Predator 228W (€ 37).

They have similar functionality, are powered by two batteries and cost about the same. You should make your choice based on how convenient each one is in use for you personally. There exist box mods with three and even four batteries. Their combined charge lasts longer, but the dimensions often can't be deemed comfortable. An ergonomic stand out among them is the triple battery Wismec RX GEN3 mod (€ 50).

RTAs: UD Zephyrus V3 — works with replaceable atomizer heads and a rebuildable base, Geekvape Ammit RTA — single coil, Geekvape Ammit Dual Coil RTA — dual coil.

RDAs: Godria Innovations Bolt RDA (€ 22), SXK Kennedy 24 RDA (€ 17), Skill RDA clone (€ 10).

If you want an inexpensive mechanical mod, it's worth taking a look at clones of original devices. Rogue (clone) or Broadside (clone) will be a good option. An important criterion when choosing a mech mod is the presence of constant contact between the firing pin and the battery. This will greatly simplify the maintenance of your mech mod.

Broadside mech mod clone — € 14

When using a box mod, you will need a set of two identical batteries. To comfortably use a mech mod, we also recommend you to buy at least two batteries (this way you can vape while the other battery is charging). Batteries must be high-current: Sony VTC 5A, LG HE2, Sony VTC4, Samsung 25R (€ 5−9 per battery). You can choose a charger from either Nitecore or Efest. They can charge 1−6 batteries simultaneously, some come with a screen, some — without one. All of them do their job, so the choice mainly depends on the amount of batteries used.

Fuchai 213W Plus box mod — € 42
UD Zephyrus V3 RTA — € 21
Samsung INR 25R (2 units) — € 9
Nitecore D2 charger — € 17
Total: € 89
Fuchai 213W Plus box mod — €42
UD Zephyrus V3 RTA — €21
The maximum

Let’s consider a situation in which you want to buy all the best things and are not constrained by your wallet. The most advanced and modern mod boxes have the DNA chip installed, which allows the user to fine-tune all operating modes. To do this, you will need to connect your box mod to your computer and use special Escribe software.

Choose an original RDA from one of the American brands, as well as a tank.

Box mods: LostVape Therion DNA 166W (€ 132), Triade DNA 250W (€ 126), Efusion Duo DNA (€ 162)

RDAs: Kennedy Enterprises Kennedy 24 (€ 85), 528 Custom Goon V1.5 (€ 50), Skill RDA (€ 61)

RTAs: Reload Vapor Reload RTA (€ 68), Dotmod Petri RTA (€ 80). Tanks from the previous paragraph: UD Zephyrus V3, Geekvape Ammit RTA, Geekvape Ammit Dual Coil will all fit nicely as well.

Strangely enough, the largest amount of money can be spent on a mechanical mod, which, let us remind you, doesn’t have any electronics — the cost of some of the original League of Scoundrels mech mods exceeds $ 1000. But if we consider something more realistic, then it’s worth paying attention to mechanical mods made in Russia. They are handcrafted within the country by the local masters (whereas most of the other mods are made in China). A lot of engineering and love goes into what later becomes a high-quality product with a very compelling price tag by international standards.

As already mentioned, the presence of constant contact between the firing pin and the battery is very important. This will minimize residue formation and simplify maintenance. And it’s better to choose a painted version, so as not to mess with polishing copper, which quickly oxidizes and loses its shine.

Great Russian mech mods: Get Low Mods GLM V2 (€ 112), RCM Rocket

Engine Mod V2 (€ 99)

Naturally, the batteries and charger are the last to be picked.

LostVape Triade DNA 250W box mod — € 135
Reload Vapor Reload RTA — € 68
LG HE2 18 650 batteries (3 units) — € 10
Efest LUC V4 charger — € 24
Total: € 237
LostVape Triade DNA 250W box mod — €135
Reload Vapor Reload RTA — €68

RCM Rocket Engine Mod V2 (Black) mech mod — € 99
Skill RDA (Black) — € 61
Sony VTC5A batteries (3 units) — € 16
Efest LUC V4 charger — € 24
Total: € 200
RCM Rocket Engine Mod V2 (Black) mech mod — €99
Skill RDA (Black) — €61
As you can see, there are no liquids in any of these selections. We’re not going to recommend any specific ones, as everyone’s taste is different. It’s a common occurrence — one person likes a liquid, while another can’t vape it at all. The taste qualities of liquids vary from regular single flavors to complex compositions that taste differently on the inhale and exhale. Liquids differ quite a lot when it comes to pricing — starting from € 6 for 100 ml of locally made liquid all the way up to € 14+ for 60 ml of American made liquid. We advise you to try liquids of different prices, if only to understand the difference between them.
Max Bogatov
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