An introduction to coil building

living with an RBA

An introduction to coil building

living with an RBA
Many beginner vapers get to a point when banana or vanilla - flavored liquids just don't meet their expectations anymore. Let's say you go to a vape shop, buy a liquid called "Fruity breeze of the Blue lagoon", pour it into your tank and vape it. It's something sweet, something fruity, something fresh. Basically, something tasty, but weird.

You come back to the shop to share your dissatisfaction with the salesperson and hear words like "drip tip", "RBA", "coils", "clapton", etc. Sounds scary. Sounds like a sentence. All you wanted was some delicious liquids.

Let's be honest, if you want to experience the taste more deeply, you're gonna have to figure this topic out. Don't worry, though — it's all quite simple.

What is a coil and where it is used

A coil is a spiral with a cotton wick inside. The wick absorbs liquid and the coil vaporizes it. Coils are used in three types of devices: RTAs (tank atomizers), RDAs (dripping atomizers) and RDTAs (dripping tank atomizers).

Tank atomizers

The main advantage of a tank atomizer is that you don't need to refill it too often. The regular tank volume is 2−5 ml. There's a disadvantage, though: rebuilding them can be difficult. You need to completely disassemble the tank in order to change your wick or coil.

Dripping atomizers

These basically represent a vaporizing chamber with a mouthpiece. The advantages: simple design, easy assembly and enough space for coils and wicks. They can also be used at high wattages. The higher your wattage, the better the flavor. A disadvantage: dripping atomizers need to be refilled often, because they don't have any additional liquid storage.

Dripping tank atomizers

RDTAs are dripping atomizers with a tank. Liquid is usually supplied through the long ends of the wick coming out of the coils.

Why coils are a good thing


You can choose your coil based on the fitting wattage, draw speed and even on your favorite liquid. Depending on the settings, some flavor notes will come to the fore, while others, on the contrary, will become less noticeable. Experiment and choose what best fits your preference.


A pack of regular tank atomizer heads will cost you about as much as a year's worth of coil supplies. It is also known that liquids with a lot of sweeteners or coolers will render atomizer heads unusable in a matter of hours, which is not the case with coils.

How to live with an RBA?

You will need a small set of tools that can fit inside a glasses case. A screwdriver that will fit the screws on the posts, tweezers, scissors, a few sheets of cotton wick. This is the basic, although quite sufficient, set.

The coil itself should be changed once every couple of months, which takes a quarter of an hour at most. The wick is changed a couple of times per week, which takes about five minutes.

In conclusion

A rebuildable device is nothing to be scared of. We will get into the types and methods of coil building in the articles to follow. You don't have to make it your hobby. But if you learn how to handle coils and wicks, then thick clouds and new flavor tones are guaranteed.
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