8 ways to ruin your liquid

mistakes of a beginner mixologist

8 ways to ruin your liquid

mistakes of a beginner mixologist
A word of caution: this article is full of pain, suffering and bitter experience. It's something we've all encountered when experimenting with flavors. Today we will talk about the easiest ways of spoiling a liquid. There are a lot of them, but we've come up with eight of the most reliable and sure-fire ones. A lot is subjective here, but in any case this is worth keeping in mind so as not to repeat our mistakes.

Let us begin with the crowd favorite — cream. Many people like creamy flavors, but working with them requires a high degree of patience. One extra drop the can turn a tender flavor into a flatulent dinosaur's morning breath. No one is safe: everyone perceives creamy flavors differently, so even if you follow the recipe to a T., expect the unexpected.

Mint. And all herbs in general — for example, yours truly has ruined his first mix with absinthe and anise. Its deceptively smooth and neutral taste seems to whisper: "Add some more of me, I will be barely noticeable".
Don't fall for it. Once you let it out, mint will immediately slaughter all other flavors, showing no mercy for women, children and your taste buds.
Aleksei Borski
mixes vape juice in his sleep
Menthol is even more insidious. Not many people manage to add just enough menthol and keep their throat intact on their first try. Be careful and start with one or two drops. But a menthol-frozen throat is not the worst of part — it also blocks all other flavors and adds a shade of cough syrup, so it’s important to maintain balance.
Flavors are like girls — some are easygoing and soft, while others are unpredictable, which makes them all the more desirable.
Spices. Notably, cinnamon: a mean, fussy flavor that needs to be added extremely carefully. Ginger is even more cunning, but few people use it. That's probably for the best.

Lollipop candy flavors. This category includes wild berries, raspberry, watermelon. On their own they're not too bad. They make for great nostalgia-evoking lemonades and bubble gums. But go just a bit too far with the concentration — and you're already vaping liquid soap.

Next on the list is custard. Have you ever chewed on cardboard when you were little? Now you have the perfect opportunity to refresh those memories if you slightly overdo the percentages. However, the aroma of cardboard does bear its own elusive appeal.

Failed dessert mixes possess a certain charm as well. They conceal a whole palette of wonderful aromas — from lush fragrant socks to a Sunday nursing home visit. We especially recommend waffle and donut flavors, their potential is absolutely incredible.

And we mustn't forget about tobacco, which can kill anything and everything if you let it. In the right hands, tobacco flavors can do miracles, but it's highly likely that someone's first tobacco mix will resemble withered leaves. In especially unfortunate cases — withered leaves that have been trampled, dried, burned and put out with water from an outdoor ashtray.

Please note: we don't mean to say that these flavors are by any means bad. Not at all. They are complex, unpredictable, but interesting at the same time. The more fussy the flavor, the less it gets used — which means you have an opportunity to make something completely new. But be prepared for surprises.
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